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Our Company is the one-stop online fashion destination for all your fashion needs. Influenced by the global runways and the global street scene we offer wearable fashion at pocket-friendly prices, right to your doorstep.

Our Vision

A first for fashion online, our team of devoted buyers works round the clock from our offices in London and India to curate a unique selection of the very best British and global high street brands.

Our Mission

Discover Our Company's brand-new and amazing personal label collection every month from our group of gifted designers based at our London fashion laboratory.

About Us

After the entry of large retail chains like Wal-Mart, Gap etc in India, Small scale producers in India will discover it very tough to satisfy the needs of these international buyers if they continue to promote their products separately. Therefore, it is essential that value networks are created between large textile and apparel companies in India and small scale manufacturers, so that the marketing muscle of the leading gamers can be utilized for getting big orders while the bigger players then designate the orders to the small-medium business according to their past record of quality and service. For this to be put into practice, it will certainly be essential to well-organize the info on small-medium enterprise clusters in a perfect way so that provider option choices are made according to the details in the long run, just the more efficient small-medium business gamers make it through and establish.